A smart control cooking assistant accessible via the De Dietrich App

The De Dietrich App is a smart control cooking assistant that allows users to remotely manage their oven through the control panel and a mobile application.
The app provides clear and easy navigation of various options, including pre-programmed recipes in Chef mode, Culinary Guide, and Low Temperature.

With WIFI connectivity, users can start and control their oven remotely, schedule timers, adjust the temperature, and stay informed about the remaining cooking time.
The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and offers precise temperature control, making it a valuable tool for gourmets, cooks, and pastry makers.

To use the app, users must download it, pair their oven with the QR code on the bottom right of the oven cavity, and start their culinary journey with De Dietrich.

Degree Precision
Using Smart Control, the prescribed temperature can be adjusted to the nearest degree. This precision is highly valued by discerning gourmets, chefs, and pastry chefs.

Smart Control in 3 Easy Steps
1. Download the Smart Control app for IOS or Android

2. Pair your oven with the QR code found on the bottom right of the oven cavity.

3. Start your Smart Control culinary journey with De Dietrich

Absolute Black
French Patisserie Mode
Your pyrolysis oven has a dozen preset automatic cooking recipes, including macarons, cannelés, chocolate fondue, and more. Use this specialised menu to expertly recreate these timeless pastries.
Smart Control II App
This exceptional culinary app combines the unique expertise of Orléans and Vendôme factory engineers with the most sophisticated digital technologies. As a result, the "Smart Control II" application enables you to design dishes and monitor their heating using preprogrammed recipes for your oven. There are nine available recipes in the "Chef" mode, ten in the "Low Temperature" mode, and six additional exotic recipes in the "World Cuisine" mode.
The “Chef” Mode
In the exclusive Chef Mode, the oven autonomously controls and regulates all cooking parameters, including temperature, cooking mode, and duration. Choose the desired culinary preparation, place it within the oven at the recommended temperature setting, and savour the food upon completion of the cooking process.
With this method of dehydration, you may dry a wide variety of items, including aromatic herbs, fruits, and vegetables, at precisely controlled temperatures ranging from 60°C to 80°C. You can store it for months without worrying about bacterial growth, ensuring the integrity of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals.
Perfect Sensor
The perfect sensor analyses the weight and volume of the dish while continuously analysing its moisture content. The oven is programmed to monitor and modify all of the relevant variables on its own, guaranteeing delicious results every time.
Low-Temperature Cooking
The utmost respect for culinary tradition. Used by top chefs, this gentle, even and consistent method of cooking at temperatures lower than 100°C is perfect for delivering particularly tender and fl avoursome meat. All you have to do is choose your dish and the oven will then automatically cook the product as required.
World Recipes
Discover new flavours by following delectable step-by-step recipes for global specialities.
Soft Close Door
The utmost ease of a gentle finish. This clever mechanism ensures that your built-in pyrolytic oven door will close smoothly and without slamming.
Culinary Guide
A selection of 50 dishes in automated cooking: choose the weight of the food and the oven will automatically programme the cooking time, temperature, and cooking mode.
Main Specifications
Energy input: 
Cooking mode: 
Multifunction +
Type of cleaning: 
Control panel
Material of the control panel: 
Black Glass and Stainless Steel
Colour of the panel: 
Black Glass
Number of knobs: 
Light indicator(s): 
Start and end of cooking time: 
Name of the display: 
Number of glass panel on door: 
Door material: 
Black Glass and Stainless Steel
Door colour: 
Black Glass
Type of door: 
Cool door
Door opening: 
Drop Down
Cavity capacity (L): 
Temperature control: 
Smoke filtration system: 
Cavity material: 
Number of bulb: 
Type of bulb: 
Door opening light: 
Pan area
Number of grids: 
Type of grid: 
2 x Safety Grid, 2 x Basting Grid
Number of trays: 
Type of dishes and trays: 
45mm Drip Tray
Telescopic racks and shelves: 
Safety devices
Safety devices: 
Voltage (V): 
Frequency (Hz): 
Current (A): 
Length electrical supply cord (cm): 
Plug type: 
Electrical connection rating (KW): 
Dimensions of product (mm) (HxWxD): 
596 x 592 x 544
Built in dimensions HxWxD(mm): 
585 x 560 x >545
Net weight (kg): 
Gross weight (kg): 
Oven functions
Cooking functions: 
Circulating Heat
Cooking functions 2: 
Combined Heat
Cooking functions 3: 
Traditional, Eco
Cooking functions 4: 
Grill Pulse, Full Grill, Bottom Heat
Cooking functions 5: 
Keep Warm, Defrosting
Cooking functions 6: 
Bread, Dehydration
Cooking functions 7: 
World Guide Recipes
Cooking functions 8: 
Low Temperature: 10 Dishes
Cooking functions 9: 
Culinary Guide: 50 Dishes
Cooking functions 10: 
Chef Mode: 15 Dishes

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